Count Baldor Is One DJ You Don't Want to Fuck With

Count Baldor Is One DJ You Don't Want to Fuck With

Count Baldor is many things: an elf, an angel, a demon, a mountain-climbing father(?). But first and foremost, Count Baldor is a DJ and one you definitely don't under any circumstance want to fuck with him.

Having already produced for and remixed the likes of Dorian Electra, Zebra Katz and Alice Longyu Gao this year alone, UK DJ/producer, Count Baldor, is back with his debut single "This Is One DJ You Don't Want To Fuck With" and if it wasn't already clear from the title, this track isn't messing around. Carving out its own space in the seldom explored genre of ambient post-EDM, "This Is One DJ You Don't Want To Fuck With" brings together glossy atmospheric synths with cinematic drums and a cheesy vocal hook that's been autotuned into oblivion amounting to a track that feels like the bastard child of Brian Eno and Tiesto.

"It was inspired by those crazy, over the top DJ samples like 'this is one DJ you don't wanna fuck with,' 'this DJ takes requests and then throws em in the f*ckin trash-can' etc.," Baldor explains. "Then I thought it would be fun to turn one of them into a full ballad type song. I recorded the vocals in one take without listening to the backing track, put some autotune on it and called it a day."

Accompanied by an equally zany and off-the-wall visual directed by none other than Weston Allen and Dorian Electra, Baldor proves exactly why you don't want to fuck with him by showing off an incredible display of versatility. Literally name one DJ out there that can lick a sword and cradle a baby on a mountain top in the same video? Exactly.

Watch the PAPER premiere of Count Baldor's debut single, "This Is One DJ You Don't Want To Fuck With," below.

Photography: Lance Williams