Dorian Electra Is Infecting the Water Supply

Dorian Electra Is Infecting the Water Supply

The day that all the conspiracy-pushing far-right conservative homophobes have always dreaded has at long last finally come. Now is the time for all of them to run and take cover in their doomsday bunkers because Dorian Electra is here to force an unapologetically queer agenda down their throats and has amassed a flaming army to back it up. So whether you like it or not, get ready to suck it up and swallow.

Making Alex Jones' worst nightmares come to true, Electra's latest music video for "My Agenda" sees the hyperpop artist satirically skewer the conspiracy theory that the government is putting estrogen and other "feminizing" chemicals into the water supply that are making people (and even "THE FREAKIN' FROGS," according to the InfoWars host) gay as a part of a larger chemical warfare operation.

Directed by Weston Allen and Mike Diva, the music video sees Electra as a CEO of a water company dumping a rainbow pride flag's worth of chemicals directly into the supply backed by an army of gay mutant frogs and armed furries. Featuring a cameo from Pussy Riot's Nadya, the video, in true Electra form, amps the absurdity to over-the-top levels, exposing the inherent ridiculousness of premise in the promise.

The visual arrives on the eve of the deluxe edition of Dorian's My Agenda, which features an array of new remixes from Anamanaguchi, Kero Kero Bonito, Danny Brown, S3RL and Alice Glass, as well as B-sides and alternate versions.

In addition to the new video and deluxe edition, Electra has also recently joined forces with headphone brand Skullcandy as part of their Sounds with Boundaries campaign. Collaborating with Skullcandy on a pair of over-the-ear and in-ear wireless headphones, Electra brings their Mountain Dew-guzzling lime green edgy chrome goth Juggalo aesthetics to the limited edition collection's artwork.

"I like to try to combine seemingly disparate things aesthetically or conceptually and make them mesh together," Electra says of the collaboration. "It's a fun challenge and also a good formula for when I feel creatively stuck. For my custom Skullcandy collection, we combined medieval and futuristic flavors, baroque and CGI slick — something I try to do in my music well. I get bored easily, so I like to have lots of variation to spice it up."

Check out the Hesh® Evo headphones and Sesh® Evo earbuds from Dorian Electra's Skullcandy collection, below.

Photo courtesy of Skullcandy

Photography: Jade DeRose


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