Collina Strada Headphones Sound as Good as They Look

Collina Strada Headphones Sound as Good as They Look

New York-based Collina Strada has been on a roll recently. The bohemian eco-conscious fashion brand — led by Designer Hillary Taymour — digitally presented its Spring 2021 collection in September, and followed that up with a playable video game as a part of Guccifest.

In addition to being known for relaxed silhouettes and colorful tie-dye patterns, Collina Strada has a strong accessories game. From creating rhinestoned, reusable water bottles to pivoting to face masks early on in the pandemic, the brand's latest effort sees them dipping into the mass market for the first time.

First seen at its Hayley Williams-scored Fall 2020 show, Collina Strada has officially launched a collaboration with Skullcandy. Featuring a pastel green, blue, yellow and purple tie-dye design with scribbled drawings and slogans placed sparingly, the new collab is available as either a pair of Crusher Evo wireless headphones or Indy Evo wireless earbuds.

Surprisingly sturdy for headphones you'd encounter in the local Hot Topic, both sets have pretty decent sound quality with the Crusher Evo boasting an adjustable haptic bass that's probably the closest you're going to get to standing next to a thumping subwoofer in a club for a while. (It's seriously bone-rattling.)

And while Collina Strada is far from the first luxury fashion brand to put their own spin on wireless headphones, with the Indy Evo retailing for $79.99 and the Crusher Evo priced at $199.99, these will hardly break the bank.

Both pairs of Collina Strada wireless headphones are available exclusively on Skullcandy's online shop.

Photos courtesy of Collina Strada/ Skullcandy