Cardi B Rocks Double-Decker Dad Sneakers

Cardi B Rocks Double-Decker Dad Sneakers

Without a doubt, Cardi B has had a monopoly on some of the best fashion moments in 2018. From matching her hair color to her new Lamborghini to selling out her Tom Ford and Fashion Nova collaborations within seconds, Cardi B is consistently on everyone's "Best Dressed" lists. Stepping out in everything from 3-D printed Balenciaga to magnificently feathery Christian Cowan, Cardi B has never been afraid to make a bold statement with her looks and in her latest moment she's putting her foot down.

In a photo posted to Instagram last night, Cardi B sports some truly gargantuan mutant sneaker heels. DSquared's warped take on the dad sneaker trend that perplexingly dominated runways this year manages to bring all the chunky goodness of Balenciaga's Triple S and Louis Vuitton's sky-high Archlight into a weird double shoe wedge heel.

Like the end of Akira with the bodies of two shoes fuse into one, stacked on top of each other and held together by stray bits of sinew and shoelace to form what is an unsettling but strangely cool sneaker. Dubbed the DSquared2 GIANT, for obvious reasons, the mammoth sneaker brings back memories of the infamous sneaker wedge. Called the worst trend of the early 2010s, fashion historians will probably look back on the clunky slim down of a traditional basketball sneaker as a precursor to today's explosion of "ugly" sneakers.

That said, not everyone can pull off what Cardi can so it is probably best to leave the double-decker sneaks to the professionals. Or as Cardi puts it, "Bitch sit down before I sit you."

Photo via Instagram