Cardi B Dyes Hair to Match New Lamborghini

Cardi B Dyes Hair to Match New Lamborghini

Cardi B is an icon who truly knows how to celebrate the finer thing in life.

The chart-topping rapper recently dyed her hair to the exact shade of her baby blue Lamborghini that was recently gifted to her. In an interview with Refinery29, Cardi B's long-time hair stylist Cliff Vmir revealed that the he had to blend four different dyes in order to get the correct shade.

Let's be honest, if you had a Lamborghini you too would dye your hair to match. Cardi B's baller status is undeniable, continuing to innovate in the arena of conspicuous consumption. Cardi even took her new hair to show off at the temple of celebrity wealth, the Kardashian household, posting a photo to Instagram.

As for the whereabouts of that napkin, this eBay listing is my best guess.

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