Britney Spears Says Son's 'Hateful' Comments Are About Money

Britney Spears Says Son's 'Hateful' Comments Are About Money

Britney Spears thinks her son's take on her situation has something to do with money.

For the past month, the pop icon has been publicly feuding with her former husband, Kevin Federline, over claims that their two sons — 16-year-old Sean Preston Federline and 15-year-old Jayden James Federline — have been purposefully avoiding her. That said, while Britney's ire was initially directed towards her ex, it now seems as if Kevin isn't the only person she's upset with in this situation, as she's now called out her youngest's so-called concern for her wellbeing in a since-deleted voice memo posted to Instagram on Monday, September 5.

"Jayden, as you undermine my behavior just like my whole family always has with, 'Hope she gets better. I will pray for her' — pray for what?," Britney said in the audio clip, per CBS News. "Do you guys want me to get better so I can continue paying your dad 40 grand a month, or is the reasoning behind you guys deciding to be hateful is because it's actually over in two years and you don't get anything?"

Britney then elaborated on her suspicions about their relationship being financially and materially motivated, claiming that the boys would always leave her house two hours early during their visits, during which "Preston would sleep" and "you would play the piano the whole time."

"And if I didn't shower you guys with gifts, and have amazing food ready and play a motherfucking saint, it was still never good enough," she continued, before accusing him of being "just like my other family."

“You secretly loved looking at me as if something was wrong with me. I didn’t need a family hiding shit in houses and whispering shit behind my back feeling subconsciously guilty because I paid for every fucking thing in both homes," she said. "I needed unconditional love and support."

Britney added, “It saddens me not one of you have valued me as a person. You’ve witnessed how my family has been to me and that’s all you know. Like I said, I feel you all secretly like to say something’s wrong with me.”

The "Toxic" singer's latest post comes on the heels of Jayden telling the Daily Mail that he and Sean skipped their mother's June wedding to Sam Asghari after finding out she "didn't invite the whole family," including her father, Jamie Spears, who controlled almost every aspect of her life during her 13 year-long conservatorship. He also defended Jamie's handling of the arrangement and said he hoped to see Britney again after she gets "better mentally," which was a sentiment Britney scoffed at in her voice memo.

'Honestly, my dad needs to be in jail for the rest of his life. But like I said, God would not allow that to happen to me if a God existed," she concluded. "I don't believe in God anymore because of the way my children and my family have treated me. There is nothing to believe anymore. I'm an atheist y'all."

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