Ya boy Dev Hynes just released an incredibly sexy, smooth Blood Orange selection for all you lovers out there, with the deceptively unsexy title of "Bowery LDN Edit 6 15 September." It's a stripped down slow jam, with enough luscious synth, sax, and flute to make Prince smirk down from freaky heaven above. The lyrics are on the song's Soundcloud page, and on closer inspections they're actually... kind of sad... but we all know that sexy and sad make a great team (cc: The Weeknd's entire career). Earlier this summer, Dev shared a picture of himself in the studio that was originally captioned "Currently working on Blood Orange album 4" which has since been downgraded to "Writing," but this track is a good sign that there's more Blood Orange magic on the way.

Dim the lights, and listen below...

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[h/t Pitchfork]

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