Blac Chyna Allegedly Held a Gun to Rob Kardashian's Head

Blac Chyna Allegedly Held a Gun to Rob Kardashian's Head

Blac Chyna is being accused of holding a gun to Rob Kardashian's head.

On Wednesday, the model took the stand for testimony and cross examination in her civil lawsuit against the Kardashians. The suit claims that the family the worked to cancel her 2016 E! reality show Rob & Chynawhich focused on the star and her ex-fiancé as they prepared to welcome their daughter Dream — after one season, which lost her any future income opportunities that could have potentially stemmed from the show. She is reportedly seeking $108 million in damages.

However, Kardashian family lawyer, Michael Rhodes, said Rob & Chyna was canceled because the couple broke up and that his family had nothing to do with the show's undoing, even though they were very concerned about the relationship's "violence and toxicity." He also said E! paid Chyna a $100K cancelation fee, alongside $370K for additional footage that could be used if the show returned, adding that the contracts were all with the network.

Notably, Chyna is also accusing Rob of defamation and domestic violence, following another lawsuit against the family from 2017 over Rob's revenge porn scandal. Granted, Rhodes claimed that Chyna was the one who was violent towards Rob, saying there was eyewitness testimony from Rob's friend, who was FaceTiming him when Chyna allegedly put the gun to his head.

According to Rhodes, Chyna also allegedly attacked Rob in December 2016 by wrapping an iPhone charging cord around his neck while "screaming and yelling," to the point where Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble, had to physically intervene and get Rob to leave. The Kardashians also reportedly sued her for assault against Rob, which Chyna unsuccessfully tried to have dropped.

In response, Chyna apparently told the courtroom that she was just joking when she pointed the gun at his head and put the iPhone cord around his neck in a bid to get him to pay attention to her while playing a video game. She claimed that they were celebrating Rob & Chyna getting a second season at the time and were just "being silly" together. Her lawyers also ended up showing a video of Rob, in which his clothes are ripped, and said this was all part of their horseplay, though she wasn't trying to harm him.

As for the gun, Chyna said it was unloaded and she jokingly held the gun to his head while saying he better not leave her. She then went on to say that Rob was so jealous, he'd go through her phone. She also said she got a paternity test to reassure him that he was Dream's father.

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