In what might be the most titillating and perfectly-matched collaboration in contemporary electro-pop, Björk and Arca have teamed up for "Arisen My Senses" off her new album Utopia — and good lord, the video does just that.

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If tongues give you the heebie jeebies, perhaps do not proceed any further, because the visual is chock-full of them. Arca and our Icelandic angel both emerge from chrysalises and embrace all their best milky selves.

"Arisen My Senses" was directed by Jesse Kanda, and claimed its concept was inspired by leopard slugs and an unidentified creature that washed ashore in Indonesia. Kanda also created the cover art for Björk's Utopia, out now.

Check out the video over on WeTransfer and savor your latest taste of Björk's magic.

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