Betta Lemme Wants to Get Away

Betta Lemme Wants to Get Away

Jun 21, 2024

For Italian-Canadian artist Betta Lemme, everything is about spontaneity. The singer-songwriter and performer, who produces, writes, and creative directs all her music and visuals, is a pro at making thumping pop bops that you wanna blast while driving down the highway with your windows down.

Her new video for “GETAWAY,” premiering today on PAPER, keeps to that driving ethos. “I wanted this song to feel like the person who pulls you out of bed, into the car, to the airport and into a hot car in the middle of summer,” she says. “Fast, intimate, and sweaty.” Since breaking into the zeitgeist with the glittery streaming giant “Bambola,” Lemme has found her niche with these sort of slinky and sultry spoken word sonic numbers.

The camcorder-shot “GETAWAY” is less posh and more free-spirited than her previous track and is inspired by an impromptu writing trip to Ibiza with close friends. It’s Lemme’s second release as an independent artist and the first taste of a possible upcoming EP.

Below, Betta Lemme digs into the new song, Chappell Roan and feeling like Rose in Titanic.

What was the inspiration behind “GETAWAY”?

I wanted this song to feel like the person who pulls you out of bed, into the car, to the airport and into a hot car in the middle of summer to remind you and show you what you’ve been missing. I keep hearing these stories about women feeling invisible and underappreciated by the men in their lives. I’m utterly perplexed because standing in front of me each and every time is someone with the utmost beauty, character and talent. I don’t understand how someone who could hold all of that could be made to feel invisible. Granted, this is the wholesome answer. Often, I couldn’t help but want to be the person to remind them of how amazing they are. So, if a new adventure calls, answer. We just wanted “GETAWAY” to feel like that for the listener. Whether it’s a friend, a crush, or yourself. It’s about not settling for being unappreciated.

Can you describe the "GETAWAY" music video?

Spontaneity brought this song to life after going to a tiny impromptu writing trip in Ibiza with friends. In wanting to stay true to the theme of spontaneity, I wanted the visualizer to feel like that trip, so I shot a little POV-style home video on a camcorder. The “GETAWAY” visualizer was essentially me taking the song's advice. I had to show myself what I was missing. I wanted it to feel fast, intimate and sweaty, much like the atmosphere the song was written in. It was a big departure from my usual videos because I wanted this to feel raw and almost like little flashbacks from a very real getaway.

What inspires you musically? What ideas get you excited to make music?

What inspires me musically is usually love, lack thereof, redheads, revenge looks, and moons in Cancer. Basically, Chappell Roan right now. She’s completely taken over my algorithm and I’d like to ask her on a date. Sorry wait ... what was the question? I’m just gonna leave this here. PAPER, feel free to connect us. Back to the Q... What gets me excited to make music is how creating often reminds me that the personal is universal. When something is made from a place of honesty, it resonates and the world feels a little less lonely.

You've focused on the plight of women and the LGBTQ with your music — like your track "Dance Til Forever.” Why is that focus important to you?

These issues are important to me. They affect me, my friends, my family, and my community. I hate that the ‘plight’ of women and LGBTQIA+ are not important to many and that so many people and governments go out of their way to make their/our lives miserable and unsafe. Also, low key, the fact that our basic concerns and safety are framed as a ‘plight’ just shows that transphobia, homophobia, and gender-based violence are systemic and systematically enacted on our loved ones, our own bodies, and our communities down to our subconscious choice of vocabulary.

What are you most excited to share with fans next?

Hopefully, there will be some new music and the first-ever BL live show because I’m feeling a little like Rose in Titanic. It’s been 84 years…

Anything exciting for your fans to know about what’s coming next?

This is a new chapter as an independent artist. The next release is coming up, and it may be followed by an EP.

Photography: Anne-Sophie Huot