Aspiring Influencers Chase Their Dreams on 'North of the 10'

Aspiring Influencers Chase Their Dreams on 'North of the 10'

BYPaper MagazineMar 10, 2022

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that social media can turn you from a nobody to somebody overnight. The only thing is that it isn’t always easy to keep up the momentum and leverage it into even more viral moments, especially if you don’t understand that the secret is to remain authentic. But if someone does get this, it’s the five aspiring influencers chasing their dreams at "Vision Central” within BET+'s new dramatic comedy currently streaming, North of the 10.

Following the story of model Cam Weston (Don Benjamin) and his best friends — who are also pursuing their own careers as an actor, chef, dancer and gamer — North of the 10 starts out in their “rundown” and “roach-infested” one bedroom in the South Side of Chicago. Struggling to build up their own followings, the quintet finally catch a lucky break after one of their Vines goes viral and continue to rack up views through relatable videos documenting their deep friendship.

However, things get a little complicated after Cam falls in love with Nefertari, who comes from a wealthy family from the United Arab Emirates, especially since she believes he’s actually a famous supermodel. But what does that also mean for Cam’s friend group?

A heartfelt buddy comedy about five very different friends trying to make it, North of the 10 is a hangout movie about creativity, hustling, staying true to oneself and lifting each other up. And in this vein, the film also keeps this spirit of authenticity alive by featuring real-life influencers Wes Armstrong, DeStorm Power, Matt Rife and Tosin Morohunfola. So you know it’ll be the real deal.

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Photography: Juan Veloz
Videography: Olivier Lessard
Talent: DeStorm Power, Wes Armstrong, Tosin Morounfola, Don Benjamin and Matt Rife
Styling: Soaree Cohen
Grooming: Andres Copeland
Set design: Eric Vidmar
Production manager: Daisy Robinson