Bella Poarch Battles Grimes in 'Dolls' Video
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Bella Poarch Battles Grimes in 'Dolls' Video

by Kenna McCafferty

Dolls, assemble! Bella Poarch activated the It-Girl Avengers for her latest music video, "Dolls," out today. Chloe Cherry, Bretman Rock and Madison Beer all make early appearances, saving the final battle for Grimes, the internet’s favorite anti-hero. With Poarch's debut Dolls EP due out August 12, it’s already clear that she's coming in guns blazing.

"'Dolls' is all about self-empowerment and confidence," Poarch said in a statement. "It’s a follow-up to my song 'Build a B*tch' but it stands out on its own as well by being gentle but fierce, beautiful but deadly. The importance of helping one another while also not letting anyone make you feel weak or worthless."

In "Dolls," Poarch plays bionic Barbie, with a titanium grade left-hook. Cherry, Beer and other newly freed dolls storm the factory, while Poarch goes after the big boss, who's played by Minecraft streamer Dream. But before she can get to him, he unleashes a robotic cyborg doll (Grimes) on her and the two go head-to-head.

"It was fun and kind of scary [shooting those scenes], to be honest," Poarch told NME, despite being a US Navy Veteran. "Grimes and I had to go through fight training and it’s one of the coolest things I’ve done in a while."

Though the video doesn't show it, Grimes and Poarch are actually friendly in real life. "[Bella] is calm in the face of chaos,” Grimes said of Poarch in a Rolling Stone interview. "Despite being through some deeply fucked-up stuff, she’s hyper-focused on optimism and making sure everyone wins."

After their fight, Poarch shows Grimes surveillance footage of other dolls being beaten by factory workers, and Grimes gains new consciousness. Glaring red lights in her eyes fade, as Grimes seems to realize that she’s a doll and an agent of the system. The video ends as an ominous cliff-hanger of what’s to come next. Watch "Dolls," below.

Photo courtesy of Marcelo Cantu