Bella Poarch Breaks Silence on Divorce From Secret Husband

Bella Poarch Breaks Silence on Divorce From Secret Husband

Bella Poarch has finally responded to the chatter surrounding her secret marriage to Tyler Poarch.

This past weekend, TMZ caused an online stir after revealing that the 25-year-old influencer had recently filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Court from her husband of four years. However, what made the discovery headline-worthy was that Bella had never publicly mentioned that she was in a serious relationship. So in the wake of the confusion, she's now issued a statement regarding the situation on Instagram, alongside an announcement about her decision to take an indefinite social media hiatus.

"I'm sorry if everyone thinks I've been keeping it a secret," Bella began her apology post. "I will address my divorce when I am ready to speak about it."

The "Build a Bitch" singer then went on to ask her 92 million followers to "please respect mine and Tyler's privacy" in the meantime, before explaining that her social accounts would be maintained by her team. She also noted that they will also occasionally have to upload posts for "certain obligations that need to be fulfilled."

As of now, very little is known about Tyler, but what we do know form TMZ's original report is that Bella — whose legal name is Denarie Poarch — cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for divorce. That said, the two apparently had no children and the star does not want either of them to pay spousal support. She will, however, still keep Tyler's last name.

According to the outlet, court documents also stated that the two got married back in January 2019. Shortly afterwards, the Navy veteran skyrocketed to social media stardom for posting the most liked video on TikTok in 2020, though she doesn't appear to have ever shared any photos or videos featuring Tyler and/or a wedding ring.

Tyler has yet to comment on their divorce. In the meantime though, you can read Bella's entire statement below.

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