Bad Bunny Became a Baddie for His New Video
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Bad Bunny Became a Baddie for His New Video

Fashion and beauty Instagram influencers, give up peddling Fashion Nova discount codes and Flat Tummy Tea right now, because there's a new sheriff in Baddie Town: Bad Bunnyherself. Oh, yes, Bad Bunny did drag — and it's tens, tens, tens across the board from me.

As if an entire album's worth of new Bad Bunny wasn't enough content to hold stans over after he released YHLQMDLG a few weeks ago, now we have a vibrant new music video for one of the lead singles, "Yo Perreo Sola," featuring Nesi. Nothing could have prepared fans for the massive shock of seeing Bad Bunny go extra glam for the music video. Lashes? Long. Gloss? Popping. Hair? Flowing. Lace? Invisible. Bow down to the queen, just like that.

On Instagram, Bad Bunny teased that this is what happens on Day 183 of quarantining, but we all know miss thing is living for the full beat and mug — and quite possibly the biggest and most seamless breastplate I have ever seen in my decade of RuPaul's Drag Race watching. I can only imagine that, if he were to compete on the show, his opening tagline would be some innuendo about rabbit holes.

The video for "Yo Perreo Sola" features the look from Bad Bunny's Instagram as well as a couple other glittering ensembles. You might as well watch the full video below, because you know you're already living for the fantasy Miss Baddie Bunny is giving you.

Photo via Instagram