MJ Nebreda Heats Things Up At III Points

MJ Nebreda Heats Things Up At III Points

Miami-based artist MJ Nebreda is heating up. A rising talent within the up-and-coming generation of queer artists breathing new life into the Perreo club sound, the producer and singer of Venezuelan and Peruvian descent is making waves with releases on Channel Tres and JPEGMAFIA-signed label GODMODE and writing credits on La Goony Chonga's forthcoming EP.

Currently gearing up to release her forthcoming EP, Amor en los Tiempos de Odio, MJ Nebreda returns with her scorching new single "Frida Kahlo." Featuring rapper Yung Iverson and Arca collaborator DJ Baba, MJ pays tribute to Changa Tuki (otherwise known as Raptor House), which is widely regarded as the first purely Venezuelan electronic music genre. With a flurry of galloping drums, spiraling melodies, horns and blistering bars, "Frida Kahlo" is nothing short of a scorching barn burner destined to heat up any dancefloor.

Working with Mexico City collective NAAFI affiliate Nick León and Raptor House pioneer DJ Baba to flesh out the rest of her upcoming EP, MJ explains the release as being dedicated to the culture of Venezuelan music. "I was very inspired by raptor house and the tambores of Venezuelan electronic music," MJ tells PAPER. "They are all love songs submerged in society.” Sporting an eclectic mix of sounds ranging from New York and Scandinavian house to dembow, reggaeton and a whole host of other pan-Latin influences, the genre-defying release showcases the full extent of MJ Nebreda's innovative and futuristic approach to music.

Ahead of the release of "Frida Kahlo," PAPER caught up with MJ Nebreda at III Points Festival in her own hometown Miami for a behind-the-scenes photo diary of her debut live performance.

Walking into the festival.

Right before going on stage, I was so nervous. Practicing with my dancers Abraham Caldera and Jart Elzo.

This skirt was so hard to dance with omg.

Getting ready at home.

My outfit is inspired by the traditional Venezuelan outfit Liqui Liqui. Famous Venezuelan artist Simon Diaz would always wear one.

Walking to my stage.

My dancers and I are all from Venezuela, so it was a very special moment for all of us to perform there.

With Enyel C, who came from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to perform "Nuestra Cancion" me.

Photography: Valentina Rebolledo