Bad Bunny Bought a Stan Painting of His Own Thirst Trap

Bad Bunny Bought a Stan Painting of His Own Thirst Trap

The appeal of an artist like Bad Bunny can be hard to describe. Many profilers and reviewers have tried, but if you know, you just know. His audacious mojo was however neatly distilled into a single Twitter interaction today, when he purchased a fan's impeccable, highly realistic oil painting of one of his own recent thirst traps.

The thirst trap in question:

Bad Bunny, self-loving king and patron of the arts, retweeted the painting in question, offering $5,000 to its creator, Houston-based fan and artist Cynthia Coronado. It's truly a remarkable recreation, down to happy trail and nose piercing. Since Bad Bunny's retweet, Coronado has had dozens of inquiries about buying her work, and she's announced she'll be selling prints of the painting.

If you'd like to admire the painting in more angles, Coronado documented the whole creative process on her TikTok. If you'd like to admire more of Bad Bunny's king shit you can check out his new album YHLQMDLG and video for "Yo Perreo Sola" in which he does an impeccable drag routine.

Hopefully he'll drop the quarantine home tour soon, so we can admire the painting on his mantle, next to his Latin Grammys and photos of him with Shakira and J. Lo at the Super Bowl. In the mean-time, let's take this as a reminder, from Bad Bunny's luscious lips to your ears, to always stan yourself.

Photo via Instagram