Avril Lavigne's First TikTok Features a Very Special Guest

Avril Lavigne's First TikTok Features a Very Special Guest

Calling all Gen-Z sk8er girls! Pop punk blueprint Avril Lavigne just made her first TikTok, featuring an equally 2002-era special guest. Who happens to know his way around a half-pipe.

In her signature vest-and-necktie combo that she rocked in the promo for her debut album Let Go back in the day, Lavigne's debut TikTok sees her lip sync to the mall punk single that started it all. But wait... who's that? Only the pro skater himself, Tony Hawk, making use of the ramp that Lavigne had built into the garden of her Malibu home.

Neither of them have aged a day since the '00s:

We love to see Lavigne on our favorite app, and we especially love to see her returning to her guitar riff roots. (As much fun as the Christian rock era was.) Maybe you heard, but pop punk is having a big ol' revival right now, headed up by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Huddy and Mod Sun.

And the movement needs its original queen to return to her throne. We know she's already mentoring younger artists like Willow Smith and, speaking to PAPER recently, Mod Sun hinted that he and (rumored girlfriend) Lavigne were working on her seventh album together. Is this TikTok the first step in the rollout? Eyeliner smudged, necktie loosened and fingers crossed.

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