Ariana Grande Is Giving Us a Lot of Sweetener to Digest Lately

Ariana Grande Is Giving Us a Lot of Sweetener to Digest Lately

Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj are what the kids call a duo. In the past few days, they have gifted us with the sultry "Bed" from Nicki's upcoming Queen LP, an official video teaser to promote the song (after previewing an unedited version to build hype), and in the dark cloak of night, Grande came through with "The Light Is Coming." Just last week, she released a single with bestie Troye Sivan off his upcomingBloom release. So, Grande is definitely unstoppable these days; no tears left to cry, indeed!

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Furthermore, Grande unveiled the album art for Sweetener, after teasing bits of it, and its respective release date (mark your calendars and/or plan a beach day for August 17), which features the upside-down text and visual motif she's been quite fond of lately.

While we wipe the sweat off our brow from doing the most celebratory dance for our queens, let's just take a second to digest the high-calorie sweetener we're being fed by the vat full.

"The Light Is Coming," first of all, is a Pharrell penned and produced bop of the highest order, featuring a playful but laid-back-in-the-cut turn from Grande and characteristically charismatic bars by Minaj. Lyrically Grande's "the light is coming" refrain is repetitive enough to be an earworm, and Pharrell's production is twisty enough to keep things interesting for three minutes.

Get your very life to all of the above, below. Pre-order Sweetener, which is already shaping up to be one of the most stylistically diverse and colorful releases of Ari's career, here.