Ariana Grande Wears Crocs With Socks

Ariana Grande Wears Crocs With Socks

Once derided as the footwear of a "man who's given up," over the past few years or so, Crocs have undergone a verifiable cultural renaissance. From Post Malone to Zooey Deschanel to the ergonomically-conscious VSCO girl, the previously reviled shoes are pretty much everywhere. And, now, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet has solidified 2019 as the year of the foam clog.

That's right, we're talking about Givenchy spokesperson Ariana Grande, who shook the fashion world to its core earlier today by posting an Instagram photo of herself wearing a pair of white Crocs. During New York Fashion Week, no less.

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wanderin n wonderin 🍂

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Not only that, but Grande also upped the ante by deciding to don a pair of white socks, as well — an extremely controversial combo, as evidenced by Sophie Turner's bold "taking the trash out" look from last month, which sent fashion blogs a-spinnin'.

That said, Grande's look — complete with an oversized sweatshirt and her signature high pony — is pretty cute casual moment. That said, does the advent of the Crocs with socks trend mean that the dawn of function over fashion is finally here though? Only time will tell.

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