'A Community Project' for AAPI Heritage Month

'A Community Project' for AAPI Heritage Month

In the past year, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there's been a rise in violence against Asians. But more people have been coming together to help #StopAAPIHate and protect Asian lives. And now with the celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, more platforms are providing opportunities to support the community in a meaningful way. This includes "A Community Project."

A Community Project is a fundraiser in partnership with over 70 Asian-identifying artists, brands and businesses that donated special items — an authentic Korean meal by the famous Ajumma of Jun Won Restaurant, a Mission Chinese Food gift card, seats to a performance by AAPI artists, a signed G.I. Joe action figure, art, apparel, and more. All the items will be raffled off, with proceeds going to The Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund.

​The long list of donors includes Chella Man, Audrey Nuna, Mission Chinese Food, Sari-Sari Studio, Sundae School, MSCHF House Seoul, Nom Wah tea parlor, and other recognizable names within the AAPI community.

All items up for grabs will be posted by May 14, and the fundraiser officially ends on May 19. If you want to see how you can take part in the project, click here.

Photo via Instagram