Anonymous Club's Shayne Oliver Drops WENCH Merch

Anonymous Club's Shayne Oliver Drops WENCH Merch

by Alexandra Hildreth

Before last week, WENCH's discography was largely lost to the internet until Arca and Anonymous Club's Shayne Oliver teamed up to release their album together, Greatest Hits ‘88 - ‘16. Having met in New York just over a decade ago, Arca (then 17) and Oliver set out to forge a new generation of queer club kids with music that transcended genre or labels.

As both have garnered individual success across the music and fashion industries, their creative symbiosis that originally brought us WENCH continues to ripple and influence new modes of expression.

To celebrate their return, Oliver created a special drop of WENCH merchandise through Anonymous Club for cult fans everywhere. Now available to purchase online, it consists of three pieces: two different distressed treatment cotton hoodies and a pair of distressed sweatpants.

The Sick and Nunty hoodies each feature a screen-printed WENCH flower across front and back, one silver and one gold, as well as Anonymous Club’s and Arca’s names 3D-printed across the bottom. The Distressed Sweatpants are made to match and feature the WENCH logo across the front.

WENCH, as a press release details, "is a celebration of expressions of tension and turmoil; a release of anger. It's about transness, how to feel like a man having sex with the feelings of a woman and a man, how to feel like a woman having sex with the feelings of a woman and a man."

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Photos courtesy of Anonymous Club