Izzy Spears Goes Feral on 'FIST'

Izzy Spears Goes Feral on 'FIST'

Atlanta songwriter, composer and vocalist Izzy Spears is making an impact. Fresh off a stint opening for Yves Tumor on the European leg of their tour (with a couple North American dates in Portland and Vancouver set for later this month), Spears launched onto the music scene as a part of Hood by Air founder Shayne Oliver's art, music and design collective, Anonymous Club, with an appearance on 2021's SCREENSAVERS Vol. 1 compilation.

Blending together rock, punk, hip hop and grunge, Spears is back with the first single, "FIST," off his forthcoming debut EP, Monstar, arriving November 11 (via KRO Records). Featuring collaborations with Duskdriven, Yves Tumor, Nation, Nicholas Weiss and Pablo Meléndez, Spears explains the EP as a sort of encrypted diary entry drawing inspiration from his own life while coding the lyrics in a way that leaves it open to interpretation.

A mix of lolling Arctic Monkeys/Interpol-esque indie with a tinge of horrorcore, "FIST" channels some extremely chaotic energy into a tight minute and forty seconds with muttered refrains of "redrum, redrum" and "suck a little dick." A brief but action packed offering, "FIST" walks a line between lust and murderous intent, while leaving it opened ended enough that listeners can pretty much project whatever they want onto the track.

The single arrives alongside an equally manic music video that shows a wild-eyed Spears snorting lines of cocaine, having a meltdown in the shower and stumbling through the streets of Paris. The visual feels like a come down from an especially bad trip with Spears' sharpie scribble-covered body desperately gulping down a glass of water, and paranoid tossing and turning over a stripped down mattress.

Check out the PAPER premiere of "FIST" by Izzy Spears off his upcoming Monstar EP, below.

Photos courtesy of Erika Kamano