Anna Delvey Is Speaking With Harvard MBA Students

Anna Delvey Is Speaking With Harvard MBA Students

Anna Delvey is going to share her scammy secrets with business students at one of America's top universities.

According to a new report from Page Six, the convicted "SoHo Grifter" — real name Anna Sorkin — is preparing to address a class of Harvard MBA students. That said, it's still in the planning stages, meaning that it's currently unknown what exactly her lecture is going to be about, though most people can only assume it's going to have something to do with con artistry and defrauding investors.

After all, some would probably say Delvey is the perfect person to address a bunch of future business execs and hedge fund managers, which is why the outlet said she's also been asked to chat with students at Oxford University in the UK. Notably though, these planned talks at two of the world's most prestigious schools won't be her first collegiate lectures, as she's already talked to a few people attending NYU — despite still being under house arrest.

Back in 2019, the faux German heiress who inspired Netflix's Inventing Annawas given four to 12 years in a New York state penitentiary after being convicted on multiple charges of fraud, including several counts of second-degree grand larceny and theft of services. However, she was released after three years, only to be detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) for overstaying her visa.

While still trying to fight deportation to Russia, Delvey's also been busy making other big career moves, such as getting into the NFT game and organizing a big art exhibition featuring pieces made during her time in prison. She also recently made headlines for what was dubbed an "arresting 32nd birthday party," as well as her upcoming unscripted reality show dubbed Delvey's Dinner Club, where she will host for a group of "esteemed guests" at her East Village apartment.

You can read Page Six's entire report on the scammer socialite's planned lecture here.

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