Agnes Azria Is 'ANGRY'

Agnes Azria Is 'ANGRY'

By Erica CampbellMay 17, 2024

Born into the world of fashion as the daughter of the founders of the iconic Y2K brand BCBGMAXAZRIA, Agnes Azaria could have let the “cynical part” of the industry drive her into a jaded stupor. Instead, she took all that music and style knowledge, and fused it into songs that discuss how beauty standards shouldn’t trap you and instead focus on the “freedom to change and discover yourself regardless of societal norms.”

Today, she’s sharing her new track “ANGER” on PAPER, a song that hits on the taboo topic of suicide, because, as she tells us, it’s important to “confront it to combat it.” Below, she talks about how fashion has made it into her music and visuals, and what she’s most excited to share with fans next.

You’ve got a pretty remarkable fashion lineage. How does that play into your creative expression when it comes to music?

It was a privilege to grow up around so much of the fashion industry, and it definitely influenced my music and style. But the superficial and cynical part of it caused me to grow up with a lot of self-worth issues. This inspired me to sing about beauty standards in a way that tells myself and others that you are enough and beautiful, and should feel the freedom to change and discover yourself regardless of societal norms.

I read that you recently changed your stage performance to integrate other players. Why did you make that decision?

I’ve gotten to a place as a producer where I have more freedom than ever to express myself, and finishing this six-song EP of electronic grunge music is a testament of that. Now all I want to do is focus on the vision and performance, and let go of the technical aspects that consumed me for half a decade. At the end of the day, music is a fantasy that can alter your world and view. I’m leaning into the joy and creativity of that. I’ve always wanted to be an artist as innovative and impactful as Arca and FKA twigs, and I’ve only recently felt the courage to dive in and just do it.

What’s the inspiration behind “ANGRY”?

"Angry" is about suicide awareness and is geared towards people who struggle silently because that can be the most dangerous. It’s something I am nervous to talk about, but feel it’s important to confront in order to combat.

What inspired the visuals for “ANGRY”?

The visualizer was BTS from a press shoot that I consolidated into a performance piece. I’m wearing a custom Spring 2024 shoulder padded top from a brand based in Paris called Pressiat and Y2K low-rise black trousers from my sister’s closet. The fashion and aesthetic in this upcoming project has brutalist and industrial undertones, inspired by some of my favorite designer’s like Rick Owens and artists like Grace Jones. I would also like to credit my photographer Sophia Liv Maguire, videographer Ken Campo and makeup artist Jazzmine Oddie for being an essential part of these visuals.

What are you most excited to share with fans next?

I’m most excited to release this EP in August and start touring for my first time ever.

Photography: Sophia Liv McGuire