"WE SEE YOU" was the theme of Afropunk 2019 in Brooklyn, but the slogan was more than just a hashtag. Body positivity took over Commodore Barry Park this weekend, realigning Afropunk with its mission statement that says "no" to hateful -isms and "yes" to love, Blackness, women, queerness, fluidity, and immigrants. The message shined throughout the festival line-up, with festival headliners who had plenty to say about the body politic and how being seen at Afropunk becomes a political act.

Baby Got Back Talk

"The project of making Black subjectivity legible, celebrated, and electric is what draws us to Afropunk. Music as a response to our bodies being foregrounded in a ways they do not need to be, a chance to bring all-inclusivity back into punk rock."

Photography by Tojo Andrianarivo

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