No One Wants To Perform at King Charles' Coronation

No One Wants To Perform at King Charles' Coronation

It looks like King Charles is running out of performer options for his upcoming coronation.

Not too long ago, superstar songstress Adele and everyone's favorite crooner Ed Sheeran made headlines as the first people to turn down King Charles' invite to perform at his coronation, scheduled to happen on May 7, due to scheduling conflicts. While Sheeran had a Texas concert that day, Adele had no conflicts and simply didn't want to perform. It was all good though because the Spice Girls were set to reunite.

Yes, you read that right. The rumor mill was abuzz over talks of the iconic girl group coming together for the momentous occasion. However, they also turned it down. It's cool. He didn't need them anyway! How about Harry Styles, one of the most decorated musicians of the past year after dominating in the awards show circuit?

Um, about that. Styles is still finishing up his Love On Tour. Sir Elton John might be availa—nope. He's on tour too.

However, not all hope is lost. Despite Robbie Williams turning down the invite, his fellow Take That bandmates will still be performing. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kylie and Dannii Minogue and Lionel Richie are also set to take the stage.

According to Express UK, The X Factor runner-up Olly Murs may be asked to fill in the big gap.

It doesn't help that the coronation comes at a fraught time for the new king, as his family is still reeling from the shocking claims made in his son, Prince Harry's, autobiography. Aside from uncomfortable details about Harry's penis, there were anecdotes of Charles doing headstands in his underwear to alleviate back pain, claims that he didn't hug Harry after breaking the news that his mother died and a sad anecdote about Charles refusing to compliment Harry to his face, opting for letters instead. Charles reportedly also didn't want to pay for Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, to become a full-time royal. The growing tension between Markle and the Royals led her and Harry to resign and move to America.

At this rate, King Charles might have to be crowned in silence. However, America may be able to offer one of our finest exports. Kid Rock?

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images