Zendaya Responds to Viral Pregnancy Rumor

Zendaya Responds to Viral Pregnancy Rumor

Zendaya is hitting back at current pregnancy speculation.

According to reports, whispers of the star being pregnant with boyfriend Tom Holland's baby have taken over TikTok in the past few days. The speculation apparently stemmed from a series of viral fan videos featuring a doctored ultrasound photo that was made to look like Zendaya had posted it. The clips then end with an odd video of iinfamous momager Kris Jenner dancing along to "Lady Marmalade."

Per E! News, these TikToks are all part of a new trend aptly known as being "Krissed," which involves getting people to believe a fake story, likely in reference to long-running rumors about the infamous momager being the mastermind behind the near-endless flood of scandals — many of which are thought to be faked or done on purpose — that constantly keep the Kardashian-Jenners in the news cycle.

However, the trend appeared to work a little too well on unsuspecting fans, who took to the comments to express their shock. And it turns out these videos caused enough buzz to garner the attention of Zendaya herself, who seemed less than pleased with the prank.

"See now, this is why I stay off Twitter," she wrote on her Instagram Story. "Just making stuff up for no reason weekly."

Ultimately though, the actress played it cool by ending her post with a reference to her new romantic drama, Challengers, writing that she was done with the gossipmongers and would just go "back to filming" now.

Zendaya is currently dating Holland, which comes after years of fan speculation sparked by the duo's incredibly close friendship and obvious chemistry. And though the Spider-Man: No Way Home co-stars were reportedly warned not to date, they appeared to ignore the naysayers, as they finally appeared to confirm their romance last summer when they were photographed kissing in a car before making things appear even more serious after being spotted hanging out with Zendaya's mother.

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