ZAYN Takes Jemima Kirke On A Caper In The "Dusk Till Dawn" Music Video

ZAYN Takes Jemima Kirke On A Caper In The "Dusk Till Dawn" Music Video

Noted singer and beautiful brown eyes-haver ZAYN has released a new music video for his track with Sia, "Dusk Till Dawn," where he takes us on an LA noir caper with Girls actress Jemima Cook. It's clear that Zayn and his femme fatale Jemima are up to no good, but *what* exactly they're doing is left hilariously ambiguous. They have some sort of glowing suitcase a la Pulp Fiction that we can only assume is stolen, they confuse the police with their matching hand tattoos and firecrackers, and Jemima serves classic bad girl looks with a black wig and thigh highs but what exactly these lil rascals are up to is anybody's guess. A highlight of the video is the generic PG speech a cop gives Zayn when he gets hauled in. "Your life in the daytime is over," the cop says. "You know your little homies?" he asks. "They pissed off! They mad at you bruh! Your name is mud on these streets!" Why is his name mud on these streets? We'll never know. Love it. It's like The Wire meets True Detective up in here!

You'll be happy to know that whatever Zayn and Jemima have done that made their little homies mad, they got away with, and get to drive off together into the L.A. sunset. Bless.

Watch "Dusk Till Dawn" below...

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