In case you didn't know, Gigi Hadid is a real-life photographer now and has shot a new Versace campaign starring boyfriend/Versace-collaborator Zayn. Due to, I assume, contractual obligations to hype this latest collection, Gigi and Zayn have also recorded a video that makes everyone around them want to die.

Tell me more, I hear you whisper. Certainly. The crux of it is that Gigi, presumably filming Zayn, asks him who he wants next to him when he's alone. It goes a little like this:

Gigi: "Who do you want next to you when you're alone?"

Zayn (almost too quickly): "You."

Gigi: "Thanks baby."

It's all very depressing.

You gotta love Marie, who was not having a bar of it.


See the full Versace campaign shot by Gigi here.

Image via Billy Farrell/

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