Yung Baby Tate's New Verse Is Going Viral
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Yung Baby Tate's New Verse Is Going Viral

Yung Baby Tate's going viral again — this time for a guest feature that's finally putting the world onto just how great her music is.

The 25-year-old rapper recently appeared on Marian Hill's "oOo that's my type" single that dropped earlier this week. In case you aren't familiar, Marian Hill is a songwriting duo made out of the producer Jeremy Lloyd and vocalist Samantha Gongo. For the past eight years, Marian Hill's anachronistic takes on R&B have made countless listeners tune in to always see what wild musical stunt that they'd come out with next.

"oOo that's my type" isn't slow and churning, but fast, sexy and tempting. And it turns out, it's the perfect avenue for Yung Baby Tate to slide into and make her own. The rapper's sing-songy verse sneers at her "competitors" and through explaining how guys can't seem to keep her off their minds, she references her peer, Saweetie, through a brief run that calls to mind Nicki Minaj's hunger when she just hopped into the industry.

A clip of the verse went viral when a fan posted it to Twitter, writing "no cause she keeps SLIDING across genres this is kinda crazy...." and then others joined in on the message. Eventually, Yung Baby Tate even retweeted the video and started retweeting fans, even if she took the time to also address her haters, albeit briefly.

"I'm sorry, my verse from 'oOo that's my type' is going viral & I made the mistake of scrolling through the quote tweets," she wrote. "Which are mostly very positive so I'll just focus on that. However it's hard for me to see people misunderstand me & not say anything."

At the rate that she's going, even her biggest doubters will turn into believers. After releasing five projects prior to that, Yung Baby Tate's debut album, Girls, came out in 2019 and was widely cited to be one of the best hip-hop projects of the year.

Since then, she's been on a tear. She released the After the Rain EP in December with appearances from 6LACK and Flo Milli and, just last month, she released a deluxe edition. She's proclaimed her latest single, "Eenie Meenie" the song of the summer and, based on how fans are responding, it might end up becoming the song of the year.

Take a listen to Yung Baby Tate's stellar "oOo that's my type" verse, up above.

Photo courtesy of Marian Hill/ Yung Baby Tate