Yuna Makes a Move

Yuna Makes a Move

Malaysian alternative R&B singer, Yuna, is back with a brand new visual for her latest single and it is out of this world.

Directed by the artist's husband, Adam Sinclair, the new music video sees Yuna take the sensuous silky vocals and dreamy stripped back beats of her most recent single "Make A Move" to surreal otherworldly settings full of purple galaxies, twinkling stars and vivid pink flowers. Matching each highly saturated scene with a fittingly monochrome look, Yuna brings her trendsetting approach to modest fashion to the forefront in "Make A Move" while still staying true to the dreamy effortless vibes she exudes on the single. It's pure eye candy that will have you wanting to text regrettable things to that one risky crush you know you shouldn't but end up doing anyway.

"‘Make A Move’ is about meeting someone for the first time and you find yourself constantly thinking about them," Yuna says of the track. "You know that even if this person knows your name, it’s not enough to spark something real, you have to make the first move to talk to them and do something before it’s too late or before the situation becomes a ‘could-have-been’.”

Having collaborated with the likes of Usher, Tyler, The Creator, G-Eazy, Tokimonsta and more, Yuna is by no means a new name on the global music scene but her latest project sees her stepping away from her previous major label backing to release her forthcoming album Y5 as an independent artist. Electing to buck the trend of putting out a handful of singles before dropping the full record, "Make A Move" comes as a part of Yuna's five part plan to roll out her lavish project in easily digestible chunks.

Check out the PAPER premiere of Yuna's official music video for "Make A Move" below.

Photography: Ajarina Hitomi