Blame Addison Rae for the 'Tumblr Girl' Phone Case Renaissance

Blame Addison Rae for the 'Tumblr Girl' Phone Case Renaissance

by Bailey Richards

If Addison Rae says it’s time for studded phone cases to make a comeback, it’s time. Apply your Baby Lips, grab your galaxy leggings and put on your infinity sign jewelry — we’re going back to 2012. To an untrained eye, it may seem like Wildflower Cases’ new collection is a drastic departure from its usual case style. But OG Wildflower girlies know the drop could not be more on-brand for the phone case company.

The Anniversary Stud Collection is inspired by Wildflower’s original cases, the accessories that launched the brand into its it-girl must-have status 10 years ago. Before the Wildflower fans of today — the Bella Hadids, Dua Lipas and Emma Chamberlains of the world — there was Miley Cyrus. The star (in her pre-Bangerz era) loved the studded, floral-print cases so much that she pushed sister duo Devon Lee and Sydney Lynn Carlson, and their mom Michelle Carlson, to start Wildflower Cases. From its very first studded cases and the marble obsession that followed, to the quintessential 2017 combo — flames and checkered print — and recent cow print craze, Wildflower hasn’t missed a single trend since.

While the brand’s studded cases definitely wouldn’t have fit an iPhone 13 Pro Max a decade ago, both the cases and their promotional photos are so true to the era that they’ll make you do a double take. If it weren’t for the trendy nails and fine line tattoos, they could’ve easily been taken circa 2012 — the brand is truly re-entering its Tumblr girl era.

PAPER got the inside scoop on the collection from founders Devon Lee and Sydney Lynn Carlson, below.

What inspired the Anniversary Stud Collection?

This particular drop was inspired by ourselves, 10 years ago! These cases are an ode to the first cases we ever made in our company. It only felt right to bring it back for our 10-year anniversary.

What outfit and accessories would you pair with the studded cases?

Maybe some galaxy print leggings and a flower crown???

When you first started Wildflower Cases, did you think this is where the company (and you) would be in 10 years?

Honestly, when the company first started, I was 15. At 15 you're not too sure where you want to go, or where you'll be. This opportunity came out of nowhere and I decided to commit and see where it takes me. I couldn't be more happy and proud with what we've accomplished over the past 10 years. I know my 15-year-old self would be in shock if she saw me today!

How has it felt to embark on the full-circle project of designing these cases?

The process of recreating these cases has been so nostalgic. When we saw them for the first time after being made it was such an incredible, surreal feeling. It really put things into perspective that it's been an entire decade!

Are the iconic white marble cases next? Or is this a one-time nostalgic drop?

We’ve always loved the marble case and I know a lot of people did too! We're definitely open to bringing back some popular OG cases... you tell us!

Photos courtesy of Wildflower Cases