Watch Kendall Jenner Star in Fergie's New Video "Enchanté"

Watch Kendall Jenner Star in Fergie's New Video "Enchanté"

It's a Friday which means if you're already done, gone, checked out, unwilling to expend any more mental energy after a soul-sucking work week, I'd advise you exit this post, or read something, anything else, because this is one of the more stressful music videos I've experienced for some time.

Fergie, who has already illustrated her connection to the Kardashians, has tapped half sister Kendall Jenner to star in her new visual for "Enchanté," a mildly kitchy, very un-Fergie, upbeat track which is set to soundtrack many an upcoming runway, no doubt or play in the bar of an American-owned luxury resort in the Bahamas. Many, many Kendall clones wake up, get ready, dance around, talk to each other various outfits. Warning: it's in an epilepsy waiting to happen.

Watch below.

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