We've been treated to another visual from Fergie's Double Dutchess for her flirty dance-pop strut "Tension," and it features some skaters who did not come to play in an unlikely pairing with your favorite messy bitch, Joanne the Scammer. This "Tension" visual, directed by Fatima Robinson, replaces an earlier version, which Joanne apparently deemed unworthy. In a video posted to Twitter, Joanne explained that she re-edited "Tension" on her stolen Mac Book and uploaded it to Fergie's Youtube account. We are so here for this high-concept premise...

Most of the video is just vibey shots of two amazing skaters doing complex footwork and choreography as they zoom around the Pacific Palisades on an overcast day. That is, until one of em takes a spill, and then gets a motivational speech from Ms. Joanne Prada herself, who would teach the girl how to "bomb a hill" if she didn't have lunch plans with Fergie. Skating and scamming, two great tastes that taste great together.

Watch the video for "Tension" below...

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Photography by Silvia Draz / Styling by Craig Hemming and Caitlin Forbes