Wardrobe.NYC Introduces a Permanent Collection for the First Time

Wardrobe.NYC Introduces a Permanent Collection for the First Time

When it arrived on the scene in late 2017, Wardrobe.NYC was positioned as a radical alternative to fashion's endless consumption and production cycle (conversations of which reached a tipping point this summer amidst the pandemic's toll on the industry).

It quickly stood out for its unique "anti-fast fashion" business model — shoppers could only buy pieces in bundles, where each "release" consisted of packs containing four or eight items that build a complete wardrobe. Thanks to its minimalist appeal and streamlined essentials, the brand proved a hit with celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Virgil Abloh and Hailey Bieber, all of whom gravitated toward the black-and-white streetwear silhouettes in luxury fabrics.

Since then, the brand has evolved gradually from its original iteration, from having its pieces carried by other retailers to making its offerings available individually. The latest chapter in its ongoing development is the launch of a "Permanent Collection;" for the first time, it's revisiting past releases — Tailored, Sport, Street — and remaking them in new colors and patterns like houndstooth and pinstripe.

"We've always been interested in the idea of permanence in fashion," Co-Founder Josh Goot said. "It's about timeless, coordinated staples that form the foundation of an urban wardrobe."

In conjunction with the permanent collection, the brand is introducing a new "Looks" concept on its website, which will see pieces from all past five releases and the Permanent Collection styled into shoppable looks by Co-Founder Christina Centenera and Ben Perreira (Centenera is the fashion director of Vogue Australia). The full looks will allow customers to buy a Look — the grouped concept offers a lower price across each item.

"On one hand, the Looks are inspired by my personal style," Centenera explained. "On the other, I imagine the customers — real women, and the demands of modern life — I try to make the style relevant for their experience and lifestyle."

While the ideas for each concept have always been in the back of their minds, this year in particular has brought the issues both founders have long cared about to the forefront. "For us, this has been a time to revisit our original approach and founding principles," Goot said. "We have always been about essentials and a pragmatic approach to modern style. We hope that the changing world brings a greater interest in responsible consumption, and the timeless uniform approach that we believe in."

This approach has been consistent since day one, allowing the duo to continue finding new ways to evolve at their own pace. "Some of the biggest learnings have been about taking the time to do things right, whether it's in design, development, production, or technology," Centenera said. "We conceived a business model that allows us to set our own pace: Take time, do it right."

Permanent Collection and Looks will be available on Wardrobe.NYC on October 30.

Photos courtesy of Wardrobe.NYC/ Will Davidson