Vaquera Wants You to Work From Home

Vaquera Wants You to Work From Home

Story by Kristen Bateman / Photography by Andrew Boyle

By nature, Vaquera has become one of the most anticipated shows of the season. There's the exciting casting with models who are actually real people. Then there's the goofy, many times unwearable pieces that are more fun than functional. The creative collective was thinking about the theme of domesticity for their fall 2019 collection, and the show notes described a charming family home in detail. Here's everything you need to know about the collection.

Vaquera has become well-known for its creative casting, courtesy of Midland Agency. Walter Pearce, co-casting director of Midland has even walked in the show before and the variety (in age, shapes, sizes, genders and races) is always a NYFW delight.

Pinstripe Memories

Backstage, the designers explained that they were inspired by the fact that young people are staying home more often than going out. To visually reference that, the designers filled the collection with visual contrasts, such as plenty of garments in pinstripe prints (a classic workwear staple) and ironic Pilgrim-like yokes.

V is for Volume

Checkered dresses, floral gowns and every dress within the collection was basically blown up out of proportion and supersized. One dress in particular, dotted with a massive bow, jostled front row phone as it went by.

Workwear Staples

In addition to the pinstripe prints, there were loads of the kind of garments you might wear to a traditional office, supersized to become a humorous statement. One blazer, for example, went beyond the knees. Another was tiny and cropped.

Baroque Details

A slew of baby pink and blue pieces went down the runway with hints of gold. The metallic fabrics made the pieces fall under the category of baroque, with a twist, of course. The corset work and silky pink bows felt very much modern Marie Antoinette.


Photography: Andrew Boyle