Here's What 'Being Vaccinated Does NOT Mean' According to the Internet

Here's What 'Being Vaccinated Does NOT Mean' According to the Internet

If you've already gotten your second vaccine, a new meme is offering up some solid advice about what you can and (more importantly) can't do once you're inoculated.

With the promise of post-pandemic life on the horizon, Twitter users are now taking inspiration from famous movie and book plots to warn you against a number of hyper-specific scenarios.

But where did this trend come from? Well, it appears to have been the work of actor, writer, and producer Matt Ford, who initially tweeted about a hypothetical setting that sounds a helluva lot like the plot of Clue. And from there, the internet provided a number of other potentially unsafe situations that require you to still keep your guard up, whether it be a Swedish "midsummer festival" or hosting "an extravagant party at your West Egg mansion that symbolizes the superficiality and moral corruption of the rich."

So while you should definitely also follow the CDC's advice about continuing to wear your mask around at-risk people and avoiding anything but small gatherings, it probably also wouldn't hurt to find yourself re-enacting the plot of Mamma Mia!

Until then though, check out what advice people are doling out, below.

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