Florence Pugh's Horrified Face Is the Best New Meme

Florence Pugh's Horrified Face Is the Best New Meme

Midsommar may have come out last year, but the internet has breathed new life into Ari Aster's horror hit with a brand new viral trend — and, of course, it involves Florence Pugh.

The meme format in question involves a still from early on in the film, specifically the moment in which Pugh's character encounters a cult ritual sacrifice while backpacking through Sweden.

Obviously, witnessing two people jumping off a cliff would engender some sort of dramatic response, and so Pugh's expression of shock and horror is a given. However, what's been less expected is its renewed use as a great reaction pic to a number of iconic pop cultural institutions — including Animal Crossing and a terrifying Shrek balloon.

Simple, yet effective, this may be one of our favorite memes at the moment. As such, check out a few of the best things Pugh's reacting to, below.

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