'RIP/Would Have Loved': A Meme About What Historic Legends Would Like Now

'RIP/Would Have Loved': A Meme About What Historic Legends Would Like Now

A slightly morbid Twitter meme is thinking of what modern-day things a few famous historical figures would've loved.

Over the past few days, you've likely seen a number of tweets following the pretty self-explanatory "RIP/Would Have Loved" model.

Easy enough to execute, the joke relies on hypothesizing what current cultural touchstones and trends some dead celebrities would have probably liked, whether it be Edgar Allan Poe watching That's So Ravenor King Henry VIII swiping through Tinder.

And now, it's even gotten to the point where some stans have entered the fray by talking about what their faves would've hated as evidenced by tweets like "Selena would've hated J Lo" or "Amy Winehouse would've hated Lana Del Rey."

But according to the internet historians over at Know Your Meme, the "RIP/Would Have Loved" format has been around since late 2020, with the first documented use of the format credited to Twitter user @fanofcashews, who apparently thought Princess Diana would've loved video games. However, the trend went on to continue wondering what drinks the People's Princess would've downed, including pornstar martinis and bargain shots.

In the past week though, the popular format has taken over Twitter — to some hilarious results. So if you ever wanted to know what shows Marie Antoinette and Sigmund Freud would've probably binged, check out some of our favorite "RIP/Would Have Loved" memes, below.

Photos via Getty / Twitter via @mygfreal