Uffie's Dirtybird Campout Photo Diary

Uffie's Dirtybird Campout Photo Diary

Ten years after her critically-acclaimed debut album, bloghouse music icon Uffie reemerged on the scene with the release of Sunshine Factory in May — and more recently, a performance at California's Dirtybird Campout festival.

Fusing disparate genres ranging from synthpop to rap, Uffie helped shape the sound of early 2010s indie and electronic music. Her latest work nods to the partygirl of the past, but also recognizes who she is today. "Now, I enjoy wine and weed, but am definitely much more chill," Uffie told PAPER in a recent interview.

As part of her goal to create an inclusive "alternate reality" where people can dance and feel comfortable in their own skin, Uffie recently tapped three DJs — DJ_Dave, Alex Chapman, and Ty Sunderland — to collaborate on the dance-ready Sunshine Factory remix album.

Earlier this month, Uffie also joined the eclectic lineup of global legacy acts and emerging stars in Central California for the eighth annual Dirtybird Campout. Founded by house producer Claude VonStroke, the event is part music festival, part classic American summer camp — complete with over 45 games and activities, like dodgeball, tug of war, and dating and talent shows.

In an exclusive photo diary for PAPER, Uffie takes us behind the scenes of her experience at Dirtybird Campout.

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Photography: Oscar Preciado