I Haven't Slept Since Discovering Troye Sivan's Mullet

I Haven't Slept Since Discovering Troye Sivan's Mullet

Something's happening, and it seemingly started where all of 2020's most concerning trends have crawled their way to the surface of mainstream pop culture: on TikTok. With support from comeback king Billy Ray Cyrus, whose 2006 track "I Want My Mullet Back" became a viral sound in the summer of 2019, TikTok has started to see an uptick in back-chopped hair styles — that same type your strangely hot Bushwick barista with a bad attitude wears.

Now, mullets are appearing on the famous scalps of some of our world's biggest musicians — and the newest additions have us screaming.

When Rihanna started wearing a mullet again, it was in many ways a welcome, nostalgic return. The beauty mogul and occasional musician (that's a joke, but please give us the damn album) first wore the shaggy hairdo in 2013. It recently reappeared for her NYFW Savage x Fenty show on Amazon Prime, and again when Rihanna aptly shut down an entire Italian restaurant in Santa Monica to dine privately. She looked great, and the hair's fitting for someone who previously released a Slash-assisted song, called "ROCKSTAR 101."

Other celebrities to give the mullet a go have included Kesha, Mitch Grassi and Barbie Ferreira, though Miley Cyrus' has arguably been the most visible as of late. This is full circle for the 28-year-old daughter of Billy Ray, an auteur of questionable country cuts, and it makes perfect sense for her latest Plastic Hearts album cycle. Like all pop-punk rockers before her — i.e. Avril Lavigne with her hot pink "Girlfriend" streak — Miley's mullet is a perfect complement to her ballsy, breakup bops, from "WTF Do I Know" to Gimme What I Want." It's also great for covering Hole.

Troye Sivan's recent arrival to the party is unexpected, albeit exciting. The Aussie musician hasn't ever been too experimental with his hair, save for a brief love affair with bleach blonde and some feathers added in for decoration, but it seems the quarantine has given Sivan time and space to relish in more beauty risks. Unveiling the curly mullet to his fans as their "rat boy," Sivan's new hair is a shape not unlike anything that could be seen on the landing platform of a J Stop in Brooklyn. It looks so dirty and, quite honestly, so hot. I haven't slept since discovering it.

Here is Sivan running his fingers through those messy, shoulder-length waves for your own personal fulfillment.

And here he is again, flaunting the perfect accessory to pair with any mullet: slightly scuffed, lace-up Converse. We are all Troye Sivan in the year 2020.

Once more, we present Sivan's miraculously symmetrical mullet, this time "at the shops." 

Like any smart pop star, Sivan's new look signals new music, as well. He'll be rereleasing "Easy" off his quarantine EP, In A Dream, featuring a guest slot from country all-star Kacey Musgraves and additional production from Mark Ronson. Scheduled to drop on Wednesday, December 9, Sivan has teased a movie-style visual with him and Musgraves driving together inside an old pick-up truck. According to his tweet, it's Sivan's "fave music video ever" and his collaborators made the original song "a million times better."

Although Sivan's glorious mullet could just be a fleeting moment for "Easy" promo, we really do hope she stays a while. And as we wait for the next celebrity to shape their locks into something of a "business in the front" classic, you can pre-save "Easy" right here. Imagine if Dua's next...

Photo via Twitter