Travis Scott Can’t Decide on His Baby’s Name

Travis Scott Can’t Decide on His Baby’s Name

by Kenna McCafferty

The jury is still out on the name of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s newest baby and it seems Travis Scott is the one causing the hold-up. In the 12 Angry Men set that is the Scott-Jenner household, Scott is the final vote, and according to an interview Kylie Jenner did on The Late Late Show With James Corden, he keeps changing his mind.

Their baby was first introduced to the world as "Wolf Webster” in February. His name has proven to be elusive, and a little over a month later, Kylie shared that her son's name was not Wolf anymore, because it “really didn’t feel like it was him.” Since then we’ve been in the dark as to what his real name is. Apparently, the makeup mogul isn’t so sure either.

Legally speaking, she clarified, his name is still Wolf. But the couple has been holding off on making any contractually bound decisions until they find the right name. For now, they’re “just waiting and simmering,” but do not call him Wolf. That’s enough to give anyone an identity crisis, let alone a seven-month-old. But luckily for BLANK, he probably doesn’t understand what they’re saying anyway.

Scott likes to keep the newborn on his toes, apparently often generating newer, cooler names and using them to refer to their child. There’s always a better, shinier name out there, but when Corden prompted Jenner to “zone in on one,” she confirmed that they have, but would not share the name publicly.

She did confirm, however, that it is not animal-themed. Too bad, we were rooting for Capybara Webster.

Photo courtesy of Sky Cinema / Shutterstock