A Tommy Hilfiger Summer With Noah Beck

A Tommy Hilfiger Summer With Noah Beck

Photography by Avery Norman
Jun 03, 2024

Tommy Hilfiger is bringing in those long-desired carefree summer days by introducing its “Summer Essentials” for 2024. Shot by Terence Connors, the new campaign stars brand ambassador Noah Beck alongside Madelyn Cline, Michael Rainey Jr. and Madison Bailey.

Summer should be effortless whether you’re going to a backyard BBQ or just strolling around the city enjoying the sun, which is why the campaign showcases vacation essentials and everyday classics for any occasion like a crochet mini dress, linen blazer and pants, white oxford shirt and reversible bikini.

“I am absolutely thrilled to have Madelyn Cline, Noah Beck, Michael Rainey Jr. and Madison Bailey star in our Summer 2024 campaign,” Hilfger says. “Their collective talent and influence is magnetic, and each embodies the spirit that defines our collection — timeless and effortless style. Together, we're bringing forward a collection that celebrates the classic American summer and blending it with our signature red, white and blue."

To really dive into a Tommy Hilfiger summer, PAPER caught up with Noah Beck to talk about how content creation is more meaningful than you might think, how Tommy Hilfiger has always been a part of his life and what his perfect summer looks like.

How did you get to where you are now with content creation?

Four years ago when I started all this in the midst of COVID, which is crazy, my answer would be very different from now. Then, it was a hobby. I was bored. It was either that or taking on cooking or something that I could do in the house that could kill time waiting for the world to open back up again. But now, I've learned so much through it. I've been very fortunate to get to where I am in my career — the opportunities that it's given me to see the world, traveling and meeting people. It's opened so many doors, and I'm so grateful for it. Now, I just want to create cool things that I can look back on that people feel like they can get a glimpse into my life because I shared just about everything online. I'm just fully like, How can I evolve as a creator and make new things and express myself in different ways?

What do you love about sharing your life to so many people?

Knowing that someone out there can relate to something that I put out is one of my favorite things. I can sometimes overlook it and take it for granted when I post a video, and it doesn't perform well or get a certain amount of views and likes. But that video could have changed someone's life. It's crazy to think that that effect can come from something so simple by just clicking “post.” And I've had some really cool interactions with people that have come up to me on the street and say the most amazing things. Building that sense of community is so important. In the midst of all the chaos, you can actually have such a big effect on someone's life. I think that's a really beautiful thing.

What does it mean to be an ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger?

It’s a full-circle moment, because, growing up, I wore brands like Tommy Hilfiger. I was a little preppy boy in school for as young as I can remember. Tommy Hilfiger was always in my closet. It's really cool to say that I not only work for Tommy Hilfiger as a creative but also that I'm an ambassador for them. It has a really special place in my heart. My dad still wears Tommy Hilfiger. I still wear Tommy Hilfiger. Knowing that it's been with me my whole life and now working with them in such a cool way is pretty amazing.

Tell me about your own personal style.

I like to be versatile, so it depends on the day. Some days, I want to wear more streetwear. Sometimes, I love an excuse to dress up. It's fun, and my mom always told me that you never know who you're going to meet when you walk out of the house. So every time I step out of the house, I put on something that I feel proud and confident in. Now that I'm in the fashion space, I'm definitely a lot more open to experimenting with the looks that I wear and mixing it up based on what I'm trying to portray that day, while also still having timeless appeal. I try not to dress too much to trends.

Do you think your timeless style and your personality match what Tommy Hilfiger is all about?

There's definitely some embodiment there between my overall personality and the way I dress and how it ties back to the Tommy roots of all-American classic chic. Remembering little Noah in a Tommy polo to now wearing polos in the campaign is really cool to see. My mom sent me a toddler photo of me wearing a Tommy polo. She was like, “Look how far you've come.” I'm a bit of an old soul, I really enjoy the small pleasures in life. I'm not too flashy. The same thing with Tommy. It's your staples. It's never gonna be out of trend.

What does a classic, all-American summer look like to you?

Hopefully my summer looks like the one that we shot in the campaign. We shot in Charleston, South Carolina. It was my first time, and I think I fell in love with the place. It was so beautiful and a great portrayal of a very chic, East Coast summer. This year, I'm sure I'll be working, which never really stops, but that's also the fun part of it. I have some European travel plans, and I actually will start filming my first movie in Vancouver for four to five weeks, so I'm stoked. I'm hoping in between all the work, I find some time to just get a group of friends and go beachside for a day or two. I love being by the beach in the summer.

This article is a sponsored collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and PAPER.

Photography: Avery Norman
Styling: Francesca Cavalcanti
Retouching: Matty So
Hair: Kelli Hoff
Makeup: Rosa Martinez

Editor-in-chief: Justin Moran
Managing editor: Matt Wille
Fashion editor: Andrew Nguyen
Producer: Sammy Case
Publisher: Brian Calle