How TikTok Is Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

How TikTok Is Celebrating Trans Day of Visibility

Social media has always been a way for us to peek into another person's life. Whether it be through their photo posts, video uploads or shared anecdotes, it's allowed us to connect with each other on a deeper level as a tool for understanding, cultivating friendships and more diverse storytelling.

More importantly though, this means that social media has also become the perfect place to give voice and visibility to historically marginalized communities by amplifying their voices and recognizing the impact they've had on our world. So in honor of Trans Day of Visibility on March 31, the good folks over at TikTok are hosting a series called #TransVisibility Live in an effort to spotlight the trans and nonbinary creators who make the platform what it — and it's a virtual event definitely that you definitely don't want to miss.

As we all know, Trans Day of Visibility was created as a day to commemorate the joy and achievements of both communities, meaning it's only appropriate to bring together some of the app's biggest trans and nonbinary creators and hear what they have to say through different TikTok Lives via the official @TikTok page.

Starting at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET, fans will be able to watch creators — including Devin, Somaya, Jesse Sullivan and PAPER alum Emira D'Spain — talk about everything from parenting to expressing themselves through art to using beauty as self care.

Not only that, but TikTok will also be using this opportunity to recognize the advocates and nonprofits supporting the trans and nonbinary communities and, hopefully, make this a year-round event. And the way you can do this with TikTok? By supporting organizations like the It Gets Better Project and Trans Lifelife, all while engaging with these groups' educational resources and awareness initiatives. So get ready to learn, celebrate and engage with a community that's changing the world for the better.

Photo courtesy of TikTok