Always Scrolling: Edward Park

Always Scrolling: Edward Park

By Andrew NguyenFeb 27, 2024

Always Scrolling is PAPER's spotlight on our favorite TikTokers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Keep reading to discover this week's viral sensation: Edward Park.

Edward Park is a queer, Korean-American content creator based in NYC who's always been obsessed with clothes and beauty. By making videos about his constant experimentation with his androgynous and slick style, he's started to grow quite a following — all while juggling a full-time corporate job in fintech. "Everything has to be balanced and realistic, which I think my followers resonate with," Park tells PAPER.

Apparently, brands and publications are starting to take notice too: Park has partnered with GQ, Eitan Broude, Farfetch and more. Still, Park hopes to use his growing platform for more. "I’m working on creating more content based on social commentary," he says. "You can obviously send a message through styling and makeup, but some things are more complicated and deserve a 'FaceTime call' of sorts to hash things out."

Below, Park talks to PAPER about big bags, Peter Do and the best udon in NYC.

What do you love about what you do?

I really do love the dialogue between me, my followers and general viewers on TikTok. Inviting strangers into my life by filming myself experimenting with clothes and makeup can be a bit intimidating, but I’m then motivated by people offering their support or constructive feedback to help refine myself. I also believe there can be more queer people who look like me creating content, so I’m happy to help with that.

Who is another TikToker that you love right now, and why?

Lara Violetta is so much fun for me! She’s always experimenting and pulling fresh inspiration from fashion editorial archives and not from online trends — honestly a breath of fresh air for me. I look forward to what she’s going to post next.

Craziest comment you’ve received on a post?

In reference to my mom: “I can tell she’s not racist. She has great energy.” Like what do I say to that?

What’s one of your favorite looks you’ve posted?

The first all-black outfit in this video! It was one of the first outfits I posted where I didn’t hold back out of fear of being “too much” online, and I took a lot of time styling it. I still love it, even today, which says a lot since I usually cringe at my older outfits.

What’s a trend that you love right now?

I’ve been loving large bags. There’s something that seems so authentic about carrying a large bag, whether or not you actually need one that big. Especially around a city like NYC, it at least gives the illusion that you’re hopping around to multiple occasions and errands, and you need to carry everything you need for the day. It feels realistic. If someone isn’t going to an event or doing a photoshoot, I feel like most trends I see make me wonder where that person is going, but a massive bag is the opposite for me: She’s going everywhere.

One that you hate?

I don’t think I hate an individual trend, as much as I hate when people throw on multiple distinct trends. It just looks like the algorithm influenced your entire outfit. If you’re wearing Miu Miu-esque hot pants, burgundy tights, bows in your hair, a “mob wife” fur coat, and Bayonetta glasses, it reads as a costume to me. But whatever. Wear what you want, I guess. You probably hate my outfit too anyways.

What would you never wear?

Dolce & Gabbana.

Favorite fashion brand right now?

Peter Do! He’s established such a strong sense of identity with his brand in a short amount of time, with authentic and personal roots. I’m also so inspired by his tailoring and fabrics. He tells a story, and his pieces also stand on their own. I feel like that combination is hard to come by, especially from emerging designers. That aside, the brand’s tailoring and fluid design resonates with me deeply.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Bad Bunny is a major crush. I love his confidence and style. I’m also a sucker for facial hair.

What’s a good book you’ve read recently?

What’s a book? Jokes aside, I really need to start reading again. The last book I read was A Little Life over a year ago, and that destroyed me — probably why I haven’t picked up another book since.

Favorite restaurant in NYC?

Hard to choose, but Raku’s udon is ridiculously good. Both locations are great, and it’s also my most frequently craved dish in NYC despite udon not being my favorite food by far. I’ve also had great company each time I went, so I have really wholesome associations with eating there.

Favorite party in NYC?

RIP Unter.

What are 5 songs you have on repeat right now?

"Losing You" by Solange, "Mosquito" by PinkPantheress, "Circuit Board" by Raveena and "Super Shy" and "Attention" by NewJeans.

Photos courtesy of Edward Park