TikTokers Are Comparing Their 2016 Vs. 2021 Makeup Looks

TikTokers Are Comparing Their 2016 Vs. 2021 Makeup Looks

Everyone knows that in internet years, five years is basically an eternity. And now, a new TikTok challenge is highlighting how much has actually changed since 2016 — at least when it comes to makeup.

That's right, the latest viral trend sees TikTokers comparing their past looks to their current makeup routines. Typically soundtracked by Nicki Minaj's "Chun Swae," the process basically involves dividing your face in half, with one side representing your 2021 beauty look and the other throwing it back to 2016. And needless to say, it's pretty evident that the difference between both eras is quite extreme.

In case you need your memory jogged, 2016 was all about maximalism, a.k.a. full-coverage matte foundation, dramatic brows, and lots of contour. Now though, it's more about the fresh-faced au natural look, with lots of shimmery highlight and sheer lip gloss.

However, as Cosmetify Content Editor Ellie Child told Metro UK, beauty shifts are to be expected as "the generations shift up an age bracket, and this means priorities and what gets attention changes too."

Either way, you can see the trend in action for yourself through the TikTok hashtag #2016vs2021. And in the meantime, check out a few of our favorite transformations, below.


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