TikTokers Are Curling Hair With Their Radiators

TikTokers Are Curling Hair With Their Radiators

A new TikTok beauty trend sees people curling their hair using an unexpected household heating item.

Recently, an Italian user named @kekka.mngcs went viral after posting a video of herself wrapping her hair around her radiator for several seconds to achieve a soft curl. Set to Run DMC's "It's Tricky," the seasonally appropriate beauty hack eventually spurred a number of other users to hop on the trend — to surprisingly effective results.

However, it also didn't take long for many commenters to express their concerns over the potential dangers — namely, the possibility of burning one's face on the open surface.

And while hairstylist Gia Wendt told Allurethat the hack is "an option in a pinch," she also noted that many radiators also conduct more heat than your typical curling iron — something that could mean some serious heat damage for your hair. So while the trend is unquestionably innovative, we definitely wouldn't advise throwing out your regular curling iron any time soon.

Check out the trend for yourself, below.

Photos via TikTok/ @kekka.mngcs & @elisamontorio