TikTokers Celebrate Their Natural Beauty With This Art Challenge

TikTokers Celebrate Their Natural Beauty With This Art Challenge

TikTok's latest challenge has young women highlighting their natural beauty — and it's inspiring, to say the least.

As first noted by Dazed, participants are now uploading videos of themselves that begin with a brief rumination on things that they may be insecure about, followed up by historical images or works of art that celebrate these features.

All tied together with a classical song credited to jake25.17, each video is unique and powerful in its own right — whether the focus is on aquiline noses, gap teeth, or red cheeks.


aquiline/hooked noses are beautiful & apart of so many nations & cultures around the world and it would be an injustice if i hated mine like i use 2💖

♬ original sound - jake25.17

Not only that, but the viral trend has also started to emerge as an empowering tool for young WOC to not just celebrate their natural beauty, but their cultural heritage as well.


sometimes i envy others but then i remember who made me so beautiful #greenscreen #fyp #native #indigenous #nativeamerican #mmiw #navajo

♬ original sound - jake25.17

And, honestly, we need more of this! In the meantime though, check out a few of the videos that have come out of this challenge, below.


Record your insecurities but in a beautiful way❤️👩🏽‍🦱 shout out to whoever started this trend💋 #fyp #greenscreen#afrolatina

♬ original sound - jake25.17

you’ve been insecure about your rosy cheeks your whole life but one day you remember they’re a symbol of beauty #fyp

♬ original sound - jake25.17

Photo via TikTok/@leeencuisine