Celine Dion's third act transformation into a high fashion muse and street style icon has been something truly wondrous to behold (she tried to let us know what was up when she wore that backwards tux, but we weren't ready!). She got our hearts pumping hard last year when she stepped out in Vetements, but that was really just a warm-up. In 2017, she made her stunning Met Gala debut in Atelier Versace (with much public singing!), snatched hearts at Couture Week when she gave Giambattista Valli's show a standing ovation, and continues to shock and awe with truly dazzling street style stunts (Exhibit A: A floor-length python Balmain duster). This hyper-gifted goofball with the voice of an angel already gave us a rich infusion of life this month when she teased an upcoming fashion spread with a nude appearance on Vogue's Instagram, and today ladies and germs, we have VIDEO. In this featurette, Celine models haute couture as only Celine can. She humps sequined bowler hats, mugs like a damn champion, feeds french fries to models, unleashes a series of beatific operatic squawks, and takes a bite out of a styrofoam wig head, just for starters. "Dior?" she coos. "No. Dion."

Watch below, and LIVE, darlings LIVE!

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