Céline Dion Fans Protest Outside of Rolling Stone's Offices After Greatest Singers List Snub

Céline Dion Fans Protest Outside of Rolling Stone's Offices After Greatest Singers List Snub

After learning that Céline Dion was left off of Rolling Stone Magazine's 200 Greatest Singers list, fans of the singer decided to pause their Twitter fingers and make their voices heard by going to the source.

On Friday, January 6, 15 passionate fans drove from Montreal to New York City to make it known that Dion deserved better. Parked right outside the midtown office of Rolling Stone, they brought out cardboard signs and began chanting their beloved songstress' name.

The protest was started by The Red Heads, a Canadian Facebook group dedicated to spreading the gospel about all things Céline. “The list is completely illegitimate,” said group's founder Line Basbous to Variety. “We wanted to support her and make sure that Rolling Stone hears the voice of the fans. The list is ridiculous. No Madonna, no Céline. They’re clearly focused on American singers and we don’t understand.”

There's strength in numbers, and the protest isn't having a hard time finding willing participants. According to Variety, one French couple visiting New York decided to join the group after hearing their native tongue being spoken. One of them said, “I don’t really know why we’re here.”

It's very fitting that across the street was another protest denouncing the January 6 insurrection on its second anniversary. The broad scope of human passion never fails to amaze.

Rolling Stone saw an opportunity to lean into the drama and covered the protests themselves, even interviewing one of the protesters. "We are here to express ourselves in the name of Céline because obviously you made a big mistake forgetting her name on the big list you published last week," one of them said to one of the magazine's staff members.

Now PAPER knows to be careful about speaking on Miss Dion's name in the future. The sidewalk might not be able to fit everyone.

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Lozovsky/BFA


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